Friday, June 24, 2011

Life in Dili part 02

Reason why i moved in to a normal house in Bekora: good people, good space, good dogs, good coffee :). I'm staying with Osme and Lizzie. Osme is a great musician and Lizzie is a super nice woman. My new mom after Amelia. ^_^


makan sampai bodoh..

tempat nongkrong sore-sore

a room for living in Dili


Tempat tidur baru :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Life in Dili part 01

Timor Leste was part of Indonesia before. After the referendum, I have to pay for $30 to enter Dili and showing my passport. Here, I am a complete stranger.

Sunset is amazing. Big trees are everywhere. But 'development industry' made some part of the city quite different. Maybe later I'll take pictures of squared ugly buildings with high security and bad fences. Meanwhile, here's the story of my 10 days of life here.

the good internet is in?

Where I stay now is an activity center build by Padre Antonio Vera. Good internet, but they lock the gate at night due to security reason. Nice, but if i come home late, it's not nice at all. Good 'paung' (wheat bread) every morning and free instant coffee..


It's like Dili 'angkringan' (street warung). They sell barbecued corn, fish, sausage, chicken and pork. It's beside Pantai Kelapa. Nice hangout place.


This is the Dili Rock Beach. Hard to walk in the water because it's so rocky. But nice coral out there. And those are the nice people I spent time weekend with. Well.. also some other weekdays. Information for girls: take the boys to hang out at the beach. It is not really save to be at the beach on your own.

the good strangers in Cemetary Beach

They were good strangers passed by. It means, they didn't see me weird or called me Malae. They just walk.. and it's good.. ;-)


i'm 8.30 am - 17.30 pm here. Doing a training for super creative Timorese people. The lunch always great.


Amelia is not the first person who took picture of my glasses with her in it. There was Anata and Doni before. Someday i should make an exhibition.

Yesus cinta kamu

Timorese taxi has a lot of decoration. Sometimes they turn on very loud music. They don't have meter. So remember to pay just $2 anywhere in Dili. Don't ask! Otherwise they will charge for $5. (been there)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

one day capture

you'll never know what you would found in one day. where ever i go, i always at least equipped with something that can capture my memory. some uses notes. i use camera on my phone :)

cloudy sunset
cloudy sunset

abandoned flying fox
abandoned flying fox, feat. Bec H.

stay away from the waterfall
stay away from waterfall

coban pelangi
coban pelangi

good morning ceza
good morning Ceza

party no. 27
party no. 27

buka pagi-sore
buka pagi-sore

wanted, broken monitor and CPU
wanted, broken monitor and CPU

pangkas rambut - batu
pangkas rambut - Batu

get me out of here #01
get me out of here #01

get me out of here #01
get me out of here #02

fingerprint on lens
fingerprint on lens feat. Donny and Emily

headless donny
headless Donny feat. Donny and Emily